We make house calls!

If you prefer, we can set up shop on your site that will result in considerable savings. We offer numerous options, from mobile service to a number of on-site services.

Our technicians will come to any location you designate and restore, refurbish and repair your old, battered equipment.

We'll turn them into gleaming new containers that will enhance the image of your company while adding new life and service for years to come.

A Centralized Container Repair Shop On Your Site

• No cost lease by owner
• All utilities by owner
• Container transportation by owner
• All fabricating and repair equipment by WV

The WV Restoration Center

• WV will pick up and deliver (additional cost)
• You bring your containers to our facility

Temporary On-Site Container Repair

• Repair, rebuild and restore at your site on a temporary as-needed basis

Mobile Repair Service

• Our technicians will repair, rebuild and restore at your site with our Mobile Unit